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Security Testing

Getting a security break is far worse than heartbreak. Defining a baseline security infrastructure for the organization and its systems is the reason behind every fruitful business. Being an Outsourcing QA provider and software development company with experience of ages, we are thrilled about cybersecurity. We don’t just offer penetration testing but more than you need, including identifying and eliminating potential security vulnerabilities that might affect your IT infrastructure and applications. Be security aware.

Our Security Testing Covers The Following:

We gather & analyze project requirements, devise a security test plan, collect intelligence information, analyzing ports and Access Point along with network range grit test case execution, susceptibility analysis, evaluation, controlling, and test reporting

Our goal is to solve your application and systems weaknesses. We follow a comprehensive approach based on OWASP 10 standards. Outsourcing QA provides you a wide range of testing services to minimize the risk and prevent security breaches under our portfolio.

By outsourcing security testing services, you’ll have a deeper insight into your IT milieu security state. Evaluate your current security using different manual test automation services, expose security flaws in systems, networks, and applications, examine potential security vulnerabilities, ensure end-user trust and satisfaction level against application security. 

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Immediate Benefits

Outsourcing QA apparently benefited you with:

  • Curing risk in a structured and optimal way
  • Enhanced business continuity
  • Protection of clients and partners assets
  • Evaluation of current security infrastructure
  • Protection of company reputation in the long term
  • Protection of vital data and documentation
  • Securing users data and privacy
  • Early detection and prevention of potential threats, flaws, and errors