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Manual Testing

Our comprehensive manual testing services will help your manual testing perform better in terms of implementation testing, security scanning, user acceptance testing, user experience testing, user interface/GUI testing, error handling testing, and early bug detection.

Our Manual Testing Covers The Following:

We excel in testing mobile applications on all platforms and devices and certify more user actions and early error detection.

You can hunt bugs early in the development stages of web applications which reduce the stress of cost as well as improve application productivity and reliability.

Our top-notch QA teams can verify any desktop app in any condition. We have plenty of proven manual software testing services to test your desktop applications with proven results.

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Outsourcing QA

Manual Testing – The Steps Involved
  • In-depth analysis of business requirements
  • Drive the testing strategy and the testing implementation plan
  • Creating test cases and test scenarios
  • Setting up the test environment and deciding on manual testing tools
  • create high-level test scenarios and detailed level test cases
  • Test Execution and Defect Reporting
  • Repository Maintenance
Benefits Of Manual Testing
  • Tools cannot replace the counter-intuitive thinking of human beings
  • Increase user-friendliness with in-process analysis
  • Less expensive; more authentic
  • Test the app from the end-user perspective