Pen testing as a service assists an organization to be a safe place in the cyber world. With the development in technology, companies with weak security are under direct cyber-attack. And so, it’s becoming a vital part of the security strategy. Pentest as a service refers to hiring external security experts to conduct the tests despite having an in-house team. In short, companies partner with penetration service providers to be safe, sound, and sure. 


In the old days, companies were confident with their internal security tests. But now, with the accelerating cyber threats, it’s becoming more and more crucial to have a firm penetration test as a service. And for that, you need IT testers. Not all organizations have them on board. It leads to the proactive approach of hiring external testers. The pentest as a service provides IT experts with resources to quickly and efficiently carry out the tests to detect loopholes, weaknesses, and frangibility in the existing infrastructure. Therefore, it’s normal to hire third-party penetration testers to deal with its companies’ attack threats. 

You cannot hire anyone. It needs meticulous research to search for the best and trustworthy pen testing as a service. One should not rely on anyone for security confirmation as it’s the most vulnerable aspect of an organization.  

How to choose an ideal pen testing as a service: 

  1. Review the experience, work ethics, customer reviews, and the objective of the testing service. It should align with the requirements of your company. The assessment should be exemplary enough to build your confidence in the pentest service providers. 
  2. Penetration testing service is critical and confidential. You cannot ignore anything about our company’s security. And so, the pentest as a service should be able to provide you with a detailed, well-analyzed report with all the potential threats and innovative ways to prevent them.
  3. When I say that your pentester must be masterminds, I mean it! Security against cyber attacks is no easy task. Your chosen company should know how to deal with a team of testers and generate a detailed, unanimous report. The testers can be at different locations or the same. But each of them should have the ability to customize report templates and generate them in multiple formats. In conclusion, they should know how to cater to different types of tests expertly. 
  4. Adding on, the pentest service provider should be able to work with automation when necessary. But that does not mean to omit manual checking. 

In all, I hope the reason for my emphasis on expertise is crystal clear. Imagine hiring a group of irresponsible testers and putting all your data at stake. Once you become the target of cyber-threats, there is no going back. 


The pentest features as a service and its advantages overlap because its dynamics are for the benefit. 

Pestest is famous for giving control to customers. It’s convenient for less stable companies to join the platform, partner with a reputable testing service, and manage their security program. Its cloud platform encourages engagement between the two groups. Hence, it’s easier for customers to make requests or change the scope. 

Pentest as a service is a diverse field. It offers fair offers to customers ranging from automated to manual to hybrid pen testing services. The budget can vary from yearly to monthly to quarterly. It attracts and assures consumers and builds a stable relationship with the chosen team. Pes testing as a service offers skills in return for the deal. It boosts confidence by providing various platforms. These platforms can correlate and accumulate data from multiple findings to create a dense report with all the problems, solutions, and feasibilities. Lastly, it offers automation too-speed up the process in less time. 

Businesses are moving out of their old shells and adapting to the new environment because it poses newer threats that are hard to cater to. The IT companies are becoming more quality conscious of amplifying their profit. And if you step into the dangerous world and wish to thrive, you must protect yourself first. 


The risk tag along with the money. Strong companies channel the additional costs in maintaining and refining other test cycles to create concrete security. However, under-funded companies struggle with maintenance and are prone to poor management. They can barely handle pentestesting as a service. Let alone managing finance to other test cycles. Thus, your company should have firm finance management to optimize the testing services in the best way possible. Beware of the scammers for low prices. There is no way one should compromise on security regardless of minimal funds. 

Pentest as a service may or may not be the perfect solution against cyber-menacing. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it depends on the standard of testing, the company you partner with, and your company’s finance department. If you go overboard to save the costs, that’s when you are most vulnerable in the digital market.